For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.

Romans 1:18

Something is exposing disentombed clubmanships-
this is what the heterocysts do monadically.
The manager is gone.
Gone, corrupt and the stain on the glass shows wherein.
You are villainous.
Rising from the world another time with falsity
even to make them swear it not in disgrace-
a satire to show each of love.
Some fresher stamp of strange dependence fades
that thereby out of my blunt inventions
bear and put them
extern to the world’s eye.
Copy: Die
Take that life: mine as soon
thy blood of doom.
I told you and you laughed.
Thou hast risen
and I have set with the vilest of worms.
Blessed though I am, I suspect
I grieve at pleasure
smile at pain.
What am I to do?
I say that I showed sorrow
that then, even in this temple,
even in black night (your heart)
I could see the world as abused.
But at the lack of thee, time’s spoils
I despised every Book,
and there you are as thus-
the vulgar papers,
imperfect actor.

-Jesse Haydn


When you know shit
you know shit.
When you snap that triangle-
they go everywhere.

A star died and gave birth to me,
Stars die every time a person is born.
It must be.
We do not yet understand the true nature of physics.
That is the point.

I am nothing special.
I am all.

This morning- it was unusual.
I walked to the left of the trees, not to the right.
I have never done that before.
I do this often.

Ooh La La is playing while you pump the gas.
Something invisible has struck me
like a gust of wind.
The moon is rising now, and I-
I am falling away.

-Jesse Haydn

Finding Esoterica

If you search long enough, you will find it eventually. 
It just won't be where you thought it would.

Remember when your dad gave you an entire stalk of little white 
and yellow daisies to give to me; 
he said that I'll know what it means. 
I didn't understand.
Now, I do.
It means that he saw a weed, 
he saw it was beautiful, 
and knew that I would find it 
just as remarkable.

No one asks someone else to give them a stalk of flowers. 
If you have to ask for, or expect a gift, 
it is meaningless.
The best gifts are always a surprise;
just as the most precious 
life defining moments
are always spontaneous occurrences.

One can study all they want.
To learn the old secrets; the significance
of something 
and/or what it means-
One must learn to let the understanding of such endeavors-
(if you are 
inclined to search
for what you 
-come to you.

Although, odds are 
you probably won't
get smashed in the face by a foul ball
unless you bought tickets to
the game
to begin 

See big.
See little.
See both at the same time.
What's in front of you and above
and behind you and below.
Outside and inside and the spaces in between. 

Look past the trees and far into the forest.
Can you also see the other side?

I climb trees.
People study and meditate and trip for a lifetime to see this way.

I couldn't see the top.
I climbed and I fell and I kept climbing 
giant unyielding branches becoming
smaller and smaller by degrees
as well as the security of feeling 
that the branch under my feet was holding me up at all. 
I knew eventually it would snap 
and all would crumble beneath me.

But, somehow, I did not fall again.

I made it relatively close 
to the top;
to what I couldn't see before
but knew was there.

And I opened my eyes 
and I saw the world 
from the most unusual perspective-
like a newborn infant 
learning without trying
observing all 
and I didn't know how 
to be afraid yet anymore.

I never meant to climb so high,
to see over the tree tops,
over the edge of the world-
I was only very curious to know
what was up there.

I saw it was all only ever a game.

So, I keep winding the music box 
listening to the same song 
looking upwards and watching the shapes go
around and around and around 
noticing the black
and the white
and the gray all disintegrate
and bloom 
into technicolor.

-Jesse Haydn

Diversity (Q&A)

Hey all! I am looking for people who can answer 2 questions for one of my classes for college. Everything will be kept confidential. All I need is your age, race/ethnicity, and gender.
The questions are…

a. How do you define diversity?

b. Please give some examples of diversity.

Please send me a message on here if you can (plus it will give me a reason to check my Facebook messages for once!), this is not meant to be political, so please do not make it that!


I would define diversity as a quality of individual uniqueness or distinction among a definined set containing some sort of commonality.

Some examples that come to mind first are of the obvious… A group of people (the defined set) could include an infinite amount of qualities of diversity: gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, etc. It could also include dissimilarities in personality, opinions, lifestyle, and general preferences that makes one divergent from another person, even if they have much in common.

There is an immense diversity of choice we face constantly in our day to day lives. Even when we are just grocery shopping, we must choose between 14 different brands and varieties of peanut butter.

Nature, by definition (and due to evolution), contains endless amount of variety and diversity. There are over 12,000 different species of ants in the world, and over 350,000 known beetle species with more being discovered all the time.
On a much larger scale, the Milky Way alone contains between 100 and 400 billion stars and at least 100 billion planets. The observable universe is estimated to contain 200 billion to two trillion galaxies, none of which are exactly similar to another.

In summation, I suppose diversity, to me, is a quality that makes one thing particular, distinguishable, special, or otherwise notable from another, and there is an incalculable amount of diversity in every facet of existence.

“It’s me and the moon,” she says


Fading, waning, never full
my face is crumpled craters
slammed and scarred at random
by objects beyond cosmic control
(gray and sterile is my worthless body)
I invited them all to destroy me

A shimmering emerald world lies
outside his arms, and a little further
with every revolution around
The Unreachable

My loneliness is limitless
I am my dark side

What do you see?
Reflection of spirit?
I am the light that is already dead.


-Jesse Haydn

I Am Not Here

I read a poem

called hovering at a low altitude-

for a moment I had a body outside the house

and I had to go back downstairs

to find it.

But I wonder

if at this moment

I was the fog floating up

above the Appalachian saddles.

I am lost.

I am no


I am not a gilded spotted butterfly

fluttering in an early spring breeze.

I am not a day to improve.

I am not an inspiration.

I am not the word you seek.

I am not the one who we once thought I was.

I am lost.

I am no


-Jesse Haydn

Somnambulism II


The weather shines.

The second day is the first

I opened my eyes out of time.

Get out of sleep.


There is always a vibration in

silence. The plants know

this well.

The old is new; the secret known.

Its is spagyric, transmogrified-


The collective individual worlds within

ourselves; I am one of you-

a nexus, a spirit, a universe now

together within our own models.


This is the depth.


Access immediately what

we did not know; we know

the time is calescent. Time

and time has come.


This is a small and urgent call.

It is eternal.

The music units are the segments

of my ears.

The time for waking up has come.


-Jesse Haydn


The Impossibility of the Other Side

I exist

a vector

impossible opposites

left and right

height and depth

darkness and brightness

unitary and shattered

shadow and body


An entire universe

on a speck of dust

lingering on a ray of sunshine,

gently falls

and finds its rest among the many

(the conformed

tangled aggregate)

finally settling into oblivescence

out of mind

and just yesterday,

was briefly remarkable.

Inexorably swayed

as he murmured a breath

of oblivion-

I am now



on the other side

of space and time.

-Jesse Hayd