4:04 AM 11/27/2020

It was dark and light blue. Offensive and invisible under the towersWe threw flower headstones before the fireAlas! Madness growsI am luminous under the cloudsI grow dance clubs in the middle of the airAwake!Sin is dying It was dark and light blue. He tramples on powerful men at the bottom of the seaSin runs anOpaqueContinue reading “4:04 AM 11/27/2020”

Confession On How I Really Feel About You Now

I always felt comfortable in your lap, on the contrary. Safe and normal and I can always see both of your hands. I don’t even know you anymore because she’s dead. Who are you? I hate to say it, but you went with her too. I have to imagine you would agree. What happened? WhatContinue reading “Confession On How I Really Feel About You Now”

Waiting For My Son To Call

There was a 30% chance of rain this dreary morningbut it came anyway to perfectly match my mood. I miss you, my darling. My first love. My only. The rain is my tears.The pattering puddles are my splintered reflections.The sky, grey and dark-my heart.The clouds, well, they’re nebulousjust like us. We used to be apartContinue reading “Waiting For My Son To Call”

I Still Fear The Root of All Evil

I cannot eat blackberries; all I taste is the thornsfrom the roadside ditch you drove us to wherethe black snake slithered over my foot and I cried and you laughed and I was 8. [Everyone occasionally does things that hurt others. But some do so far more often- and with far more consequences than theContinue reading “I Still Fear The Root of All Evil”

1/30/14 (4:15 PM)

The winter afternoon shadows falleerily this time of dayI muttered to myselfsomething dark and un-precociousWhat then would there beto write about?I am not gifted with the artof making others laugh-neither with much ofan imaginationand I made myself laughand I took myself a concept:No one was going to tell meI shouldn’t stay such a tragedyalthough IContinue reading “1/30/14 (4:15 PM)”

Inpatient at Shepard Pratt Schizophrenic Rant

11/14/13 Day 1 Written while waiting on admission: So I’m in this atrium like a cul-de-sac but it’s hospitalrooms instead of houses and James lives in #3 on theend and he has CP or something he walks bowlegged and screamsand yells instead of talking and he laughs at his own jokes andI wish I couldContinue reading “Inpatient at Shepard Pratt Schizophrenic Rant”

Shadow People

12/27/2013 When the sun resigns to slumberwe will meet againgathering as a Sunday morning funeral.Start a journey of old spirits-falling heads. Gliding against the walls and ceilingas they vacillate between the3rd and 4th dimensions-I see reverberations. Last night the chamber was full-barely enough room for me andsomeone knocked on the door this time. A lonelyContinue reading “Shadow People”