11/29/17 or 11/30/17 & Or Schizophrenic Prose

I don’t feel bipolar or schizophrenic-like in any way today. Look alive, Jess. This may not be good. Or maybe I do. Teju Cole says “We are our habits in sum.” I think we are our occupations and preoccupations and I feel dizzy, numb, now that I am 30 years old, sitting on a parkContinue reading “11/29/17 or 11/30/17 & Or Schizophrenic Prose”

The Opposite of Being Mutually Exclusive Also Defines Itself

Emptiness lonely poetry in rhetoric is the very last thing I feel like attempting and failing to find the right words to describe the meaninglessness of returning home without you, no one cares so what’s the point of a bedroom except for the closet or even changing my clothes or a glance in the mirror;Continue reading “The Opposite of Being Mutually Exclusive Also Defines Itself”

They Found A Body in Lake Elkhorn

The lake, which was built in 1974, is named for the Elkhorn branch of the Little Patuxent River. The lake’s location behind a large number of townhouses, though considered an attractive feature to homeowners, has raised concern following the drowning of a small child on September 2, 2005. A drowning occurred in 1980 and a maintenance workerContinue reading “They Found A Body in Lake Elkhorn”