Superhero Science

“Superhero science has taught me this: Entire universes can fit comfortably inside our skulls. Not just one or two but endless universes can be packed into that dark, wet, and bony hollow without breaking it open from the inside.” -Grant Morrison   I worry I’ll fall from this ephemeral heaven or they’ll check my ticket stubContinue reading “Superhero Science”

The Heroin Holocaust

The heartbreaking stories of children, inspired and introspective who survived his distinctive style of bleak realism- himself described his work as abstract; today, some people still deny the Holocaust. Forgotten victims alive through the memories of the play, with stunning realism she transforms herself into each trauma. Painstaking details convey men more than a faithfully haunting memoryContinue reading “The Heroin Holocaust”

Nervous Energy

When the sun resigns to slumber we congregate, like a Sunday morning funeral procession of downcast spirits- heads hung low. As these beings glide against the walls and laws of nature somewhere between the 2nd and 11th dimensions – I see reverberations. Someone’s locked the door. Two hands cling to the window in anguish as myContinue reading “Nervous Energy”

The Origins of Energy in Chymical Reactions Using Experimental Quantum Chemistry; Semi-Poetically

It is not the heaviest most volatile elements of life which are immutable, we are made of filaments and wavicles of rippling light still on it’s way to even the darkest corners (and originated of) slightly fractured symmetry of complexity versus fundamental universal law- ddeceit lies in consistency, the unchangeable yet some believe to ownContinue reading “The Origins of Energy in Chymical Reactions Using Experimental Quantum Chemistry; Semi-Poetically”