The Impossibility of the Other Side

I exist a vector impossible opposites left and right height and depth darkness and brightness unitary and shattered shadow and body unconverging. An entire universe on a speck of dust lingering on a ray of sunshine, gently falls and finds its rest among the many (the conformed tangled aggregate) finally settling into oblivescence out ofContinue reading “The Impossibility of the Other Side”


“ABRACADABRA. By abracadabra we signify an infinite number of things.‘Tis the answer to What? and How? and Why? And Whence? and Whither?—a word whereby The Truth (with the comfort it brings) Is open to all who grope in night, Crying for Wisdom’s holy light. Whether the word is a verb or a noun Is knowledge beyond my reach.”Continue reading “Somnambulism”


I feel something just collide with the web inside of my head, rippling throughout my brain; an association sticks. I do not manufacture my own thoughts, they come to me not through me; no one knows exactly how I tick. Every thing, every object, has a label, every label a memory I have captured and embalmed. I have known Sacred Experiences; so, pleaseContinue reading “INFJ”

Any Day About An Hour After Noon

I hate watering the house plants, the mundanity of it the spray bottle, the jug, the untwisting of the top the most beautiful of course- the dying one with all the roots exposed must be thoroughly sprayed first all the dirt- fully dampened before I carefully pour; she did warn me they don’t like toContinue reading “Any Day About An Hour After Noon”