Readings from Philosophy, Acrostically

Extracted from Readings in Philosophy EuthyphroBy Plato Resorting to a weighing machineEuthyphro! How little does the common herd know by the nature of right and truth.An action before the king as I am-Deny the existence of old ones; this is the ground of his indictment.I suppose; it is true, theNotion of which piety is onlyContinue reading “Readings from Philosophy, Acrostically”

Consciousness, Poetically

Extracted from “Consciousness”Gilbert Ryle I was conscious that the furniture had been rearrangedto indicate a certain nebulousness and consequent inarticulateness of the apprehension.What we are conscious of, in this sense, may be a physical fact ora fact about someone else’s state of mindbut in a certain way we will not recognize them. A walker engagedContinue reading “Consciousness, Poetically”


For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. Romans 1:18 Something is exposing disentombed clubmanships-this is what the heterocysts do monadically.The manager is gone.Gone, corrupt and the stain on the glass shows wherein.You are villainous.Rising from the world another timeContinue reading “Wrath”

Finding Esoterica

If you search long enough, you will find it eventually. It just won’t be where you thought it would. Remember when your dad gave you an entire stalk of little white and yellow daisies to give to me; he said that I’ll know what it means. I didn’t understand. Now, I do. It means thatContinue reading “Finding Esoterica”

“It’s me and the moon,” she says

6/10/14 Fading, waning, never full my face is crumpled craters slammed and scarred at random by objects beyond cosmic control (gray and sterile is my worthless body) I invited them all to destroy me A shimmering emerald world lies outside his arms, and a little further with every revolution around The Unreachable My loneliness isContinue reading ““It’s me and the moon,” she says”