Confession On How I Really Feel About You Now

I always felt comfortable in your lap, on the contrary. Safe and normal and I can always see both of your hands. I don’t even know you anymore because she’s dead. Who are you? I hate to say it, but you went with her too. I have to imagine you would agree. What happened? WhatContinue reading “Confession On How I Really Feel About You Now”

Waiting For My Son To Call

There was a 30% chance of rain this dreary morningbut it came anyway to perfectly match my mood. I miss you, my darling. My first love. My only. The rain is my tears.The pattering puddles are my splintered reflections.The sky, grey and dark-my heart.The clouds, well, they’re nebulousjust like us. We used to be apartContinue reading “Waiting For My Son To Call”

I Still Fear The Root of All Evil

I cannot eat blackberries; all I taste is the thornsfrom the roadside ditch you drove us to wherethe black snake slithered over my foot and I cried and you laughed and I was 8. [Everyone occasionally does things that hurt others. But some do so far more often- and with far more consequences than theContinue reading “I Still Fear The Root of All Evil”

1/30/14 (4:15 PM)

The winter afternoon shadows falleerily this time of dayI muttered to myselfsomething dark and un-precociousWhat then would there beto write about?I am not gifted with the artof making others laugh-neither with much ofan imaginationand I made myself laughand I took myself a concept:No one was going to tell meI shouldn’t stay such a tragedyalthough IContinue reading “1/30/14 (4:15 PM)”

Inpatient at Shepard Pratt Schizophrenic Rant

11/14/13 Day 1 Written while waiting on admission: So I’m in this atrium like a cul-de-sac but it’s hospitalrooms instead of houses and James lives in #3 on theend and he has CP or something he walks bowlegged and screamsand yells instead of talking and he laughs at his own jokes andI wish I couldContinue reading “Inpatient at Shepard Pratt Schizophrenic Rant”

Shadow People

12/27/2013 When the sun resigns to slumberwe will meet againgathering as a Sunday morning funeral.Start a journey of old spirits-falling heads. Gliding against the walls and ceilingas they vacillate between the3rd and 4th dimensions-I see reverberations. Last night the chamber was full-barely enough room for me andsomeone knocked on the door this time. A lonelyContinue reading “Shadow People”

Readings from Philosophy, Acrostically

Extracted from Readings in Philosophy EuthyphroBy Plato Resorting to a weighing machineEuthyphro! How little does the common herd know by the nature of right and truth.An action before the king as I am-Deny the existence of old ones; this is the ground of his indictment.I suppose; it is true, theNotion of which piety is onlyContinue reading “Readings from Philosophy, Acrostically”