Readings from Philosophy, Acrostically

Extracted from Readings in Philosophy

By Plato

Resorting to a weighing machine
Euthyphro! How little does the common herd know by the nature of right and truth.
An action before the king as I am-
Deny the existence of old ones; this is the ground of his indictment.
I suppose; it is true, the
Notion of which piety is only a part.
Gods fought with one another, had dire quarrels, battles and the like, as the poets say, a
System of values compose a hierarchy arranged to higher and lower.

I remark with surprise that you have not answered what I have asked-
Now, if piety is a part of justice, I suppose that we inquire each part.

Piety is a science of asking and giving?
Hatreds and differences- was that also said?
I believe, Socrates, that all the gods would be agreed as to the propriety in of punishing a murderer
Loved as being holy
Of some result-
System of values-
Of ministration or service, tending to the attainment of some object.
Piety is learning how to please the gods in word and deed, by prayers and sacrifices
Heavy and light
Yet you must obey them.

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The written word is life. I am the proverbial poet-at-heart.

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