Somnambulism II


The weather shines.

The second day is the first

I opened my eyes out of time.

Get out of sleep.


There is always a vibration in

silence. The plants know

this well.

The old is new; the secret known.

Its is spagyric, transmogrified-


The collective individual worlds within

ourselves; I am one of you-

a nexus, a spirit, a universe now

together within our own models.


This is the depth.


Access immediately what

we did not know; we know

the time is calescent. Time

and time has come.


This is a small and urgent call.

It is eternal.

The music units are the segments

of my ears.

The time for waking up has come.


-Jesse Haydn


Published by Jesse Haydn Poetry

The written word is life. I am the proverbial poet-at-heart.

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