I love you because you know the secrets

of the Universe too.  You just don’t like to talk about it-

the web of the Universe. Maybe

you already understand it.


They are all like spinning coins too.

Revolving around each other.


Wavelengths of stars hit my arms I feel

as big as the sky in my mind.

In my heart, I love the Earth. The Earth loves me.

I love myself.


We are all holograms.


You can’t read me yet? Yes, you can.

Don’t worry.

I will never deceive you.


I am the breath of the ocean.

I am the breath of fire.

You’ll know when I am on a mission

and when I’m not.


I receive of the Earth.

It’s alright. There’s always the web.


It’s not aliens;

he was able to go straight to math in his head-

in his altered state.

His brain was a child’s brain.



It’s always the web,

the Human Consciousness.


We are the neurons of a Universe

experiencing itself.

We are a brain still growing-

waking up.


-Jesse Haydn


Published by Jesse Haydn Poetry

The written word is life. I am the proverbial poet-at-heart.

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